Today and Beyond

It is always great to look back and see where we have come from and the struggles that went with accomplishments.  For had there been no struggles there would have been no accomplishments.  It is only where God’s people are moving ahead with the purpose of furthering Christ’s Kingdom that struggles become a way of life.  It is in this advancement of the kingdom that Satan has to work the hardest to vainly try to overcome the miracles the Gospel is able to accomplish.

The ground work has been laid by the forefathers of this congregation through a sound Biblical basis, a groundwork on which we must be careful to build in a proper fashion.  The foundation is the prophets and the apostles with Jesus Christ as the chief cornerstone.  His Word has set the direction in the past and must and will lead Trinity congregation in the future.  

We know our roots and from where we have come.  We now look to the future in the grace and presence of our Savior Jesus.  Our vision is not for our church but for God’s church.  It is a vision of urgency in a world that cares less for Jesus every day.  It is a vision of compassion for it was the compassion and love of God that sent our Lord to the cross, a cross that serves no purpose if people do not know of it.  It is a vision of duty for it is the marching orders that Jesus Christ gave us, His church.  It is a vision of unselfishness, not doing and ministering to ourselves but to those the Lord has placed in our paths to win.  It is a vision of the church that is not formed by feelings and emotions but on the objective Word of God on which we stand.

The people of Trinity Lutheran Church are the body of Christ in the place where He has put us.  We rejoice in our past because we know that God has lovingly and graciously preserved us.  We rejoice in our present because we believe the promise of Christ’s presence and our common mission in the Gospel.  We rejoice in our future for there is much work yet to be done for the cause of Christ.

To God alone be all the glory!