The Latter Years 1954 - Today

After the new sanctuary was built, the congregation promised Pastor Jankens that the next thing to be built was a new parsonage. Knowing how much financial pressure the new sanctuary had put the congregation under he could not see how this would ever happen.  However, just a few years after Pastor Jankens took a call to a congregation in Michigan, Trinity did build and dedicate the current parsonage which still serves today.  It has many amenities that many modern homes enjoy today but that were far ahead of their time in 1957!

During the pastorate of Rev. Beversdorf Trinity celebrated its 75th anniversary and also established its Kindergarten with 16 children enrolled.

Pastor Balmer was next to serve Trinity and during his time as pastor married Jane Unverzagt, a teacher at St. Paul’s Lutheran School in Cullman.

Another modern luxury was added during the time of Pastor Paul Reuter.  Air conditioning was added to both the church and the parsonage!  A major repair and improvement of the church took place during the pastorate of Rev. Chris Powell and in during the time of Pastor Sanderson Trinity celebrated it 100th anniversary.

It was also during Pastor Sanderson’s time that the old church building was returned to church property, remodeled, renovated, enlarged, and dedicated to be used as a Fellowship Hall.

During the pastorate of Rev. John Doctor in 1987 and 1988 much effort was put into trying to plant a sister congregation in the Oneonta area.  After much initial optimism and a positive response from the community there was much hope of the effort’s success.  Unfortunately after the initial enthusiasm of the Oneonta community much of it faded away and this sister church never came into being.

The final addition to our campus is the education and office building dedicated in 1997 during the pastorate of Rev. David Rubke.