The Middle Years 1925 - 1954

There was much change and growth during these middle years.  Four pastors presided over the transition from our original house of worship to our present sanctuary and many other significant changes.  During Rev. Wallner’s pastorate the old church was significantly remodeled inside, the first telephone was put in the parsonage, the young people joined the Walther League - a national Lutheran youth organization, and communion was increased to six times a year from four!

Pastor Graf encouraged the congregation to start a building fund for a new church building.  Pastor Hasz came to Hanceville from Brazil and during his pastorate the congregation celebrated its sixtieth anniversary.  The building fund also met its goal of $12,500.

During the time Pastor Edward Jankens was at Trinity the present sanctuary was constructed.  During 1950 the congregation decided to build a church building “not to exceed $30,000.”  The building fund contained $13,000 and the remainder was borrowed.  The church was build and then dedicated on January 27, 1952.  Various items used in worship, and still used today, were lovingly donated by individual members, families, and organizations of the congregation.  Pastor Edward Jankens built and carved the altar, lectern, pulpit, baptismal font and communion rail.

The congregation enjoyed many conveniences in the new building, not the least of which was the “luxury’ of indoor bathrooms!

The old sanctuary was sold for $300.00!