Our Houses of Worship

In the fall and winter of 1885 - 1886 our first church building was constructed.  It was dedicated in February of 1886, but the interior was not finished until September of 1887.  This original structure served the congregation of Trinity well for almost seventy years going through a few modifications and updates during the years.  Fortunately the pews got a little more comfortable than the originals.  In 1952, at the completion of the present church building, the older structure was move a block away.  There it was used as a warehouse, a hay barn, a Halloween haunted house, and a vacant building.

By 1981 Trinity’s congregation needed extra space for recreational purposes.  There sat the old church, its timbers still sound, ready to be returned to its former setting.  Professional movers gently lifted the building and towed it through the pasture.  Spectators gathered, some cheering and some weeping for joy as the building settled into its new location.

The building was refurbished by members of the congregation, many of whom were the grandsons of the pioneers who built the original church.  The women of the church fed the workers, helped with plans for remodeling, and did painting and staining.  The old church is serving our congregation again, both physically and spiritually.  This building stands as the oldest Missouri Synod Lutheran church still in use in Alabama.  It is a registered historic site for Cullman County and in the Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage.

In recent years the old pump organ has been lovingly refurbished and actually still plays.  The stamina that those organists of days gone by must have had!  

During the 1950's the congregation decided to build a new sanctuary.  The church was built and then dedicated on January 27, 1952.  A building of such size and intricate design was quite an undertaking in those days.  It is an excellent example of the Gothic style of church architecture of the day.  The altar, lectern, pulpit,  baptismal font, and communion rail were made and carved with great skill by Pastor Edward Jankens the father of our current Pastor John Jankens.  Pastor Jankens took time during the making of our worship furniture to show the young boys of the congregation the tools and how to use them.  What a special joy it is for our current pastor to preach from the pulpit his father built over 50 years ago.  This sanctuary has served Trinity congregation well and still does to this day.

In 1993 a carillon was added to our bell tower.  It was given to the glory of God in memory of Dora Cowart.  This carillon has become a beloved part of our Hanceville community as it tolls the hours and shares sweet Christian music in our neighborhood.

In 1997 our Education and Office building was dedicated.  Again, much of the work was done by members of the congregation under the direction of Hugh Duke.  This building contains the church offices as well as our church library, three large and four smaller classrooms, and much needed storage space.

In October of 1892, after some fits and starts, a parsonage was built next to the church. ¬†The project had been under consideration since 1889 but was finally started when Pastor Lauer‚Äôs health make is to difficult to walk the four miles back and forth between Garden City and Hanceville to serve both congregations and teach the Christian Day School in Hanceville. ¬†This parsonage served many pastors and their families until 1957 when the current parsonage was erected and dedicated. ¬†The old parsonage was moved a block away and is still in use as a home today. ¬†The ‚Äúnew‚ÄĚ parsonage continues to serve our needs to this day.